Update: Click #BjornInFinland to see most of the trouble I involved myself with.

Yes, people the prodigal son is returning to his European loins. Oh, I’m sorry does that word make you uncomfortable?






Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system I can tell you where I’m actually referring to… Finland! Now why? Well, for the past two years I’ve been busting my butt at the agency I work for (clocking in some major billable hours), have has some personal downfalls, and so I need a break to rest, recoup, recover, and most importantly explore and learn. When it comes to my Finnish heritage I’m incredibly ignorant. I know all about my roots with Sir Frances Drake and my ties with the Royal House of Plantagenet (Yes, technically I have enough Royal blood to wed a Princess… if we were somehow thrown back to the Middle Ages) but I know nothing of my barbaric, cross country skiing, sauna building brethren.

From October 29th till November 12th I shall attempt to remedy this spot of ill education. So, what do I currently know?

They love hockey!


The indigenous people are called Sami or Saami and they wear really rad clothes.

They are champions of sauna-ing!?

Cross country skiing bad-asses and the Aurora Borealis!

And of course, SANTA!

I’m planning on seeing or participating in much of this as well as trying to explore the seedy underbelly of Helsinki which is why I’m staying with a stranger via AirBnB and have reached out to advertising people in Helsinki to explore with and learn from. I’ve intentionally avoided sticking to a schedule so everything will be ad-hoc.

If you’re in the Helsinki vicinity please comment here or hit me up on Twitter (@Lapakko). I will meet anyone, eat anything, drink whatever, and do various activities at indiscriminate times. Let’s go! Can’t wait to see you Finland!

For those of you not coming but would like to casually follow along. Set your social media channels to stun and follow #BjornInFinland. I’ll be Tweet-ing, Instagram-ing, Vine-ing, as much ing-ing as I can fit in.