Photo Creep: Courtney Smith

Plus other stuff because it has been a while

After a night filled with Zebra Island and Kate Boy music, Annika (sister), Courtney (girlfriend), and myself boarded a 7:00 a.m. flight to my favorite city in the world, Amsterdam.

Press play and listen to Z.I. and K.B. while you read the rest:

As a child, Amsterdam was my introduction to Europe… because Amsterdam is where our family’s first foreign exchange student was from. Not coincidentally, visiting him (Franco) and his family (Qristina, Nikita, and India) is the primary reason I keep returning for visits. Because of Franco’s influence, my soccer allegiance has always been with Ajax and the Dutch National Team over every other team.

Apologies to the Portland Timbers and USMNT.

Though, an added bonus of this visit and subsequent ones is, my BROTHER (Towlie) has also recently moved to Europe. In his case, he moved to Amsterdam to live with his lovely lady, Lucienne. Per standard Amsterdam procedure there were visits to the Rijksmuseum, walks in the Red Light District, and beer galore.

Though the show was of course Koningsdag.

Before you look at the photos, video, etc. For those who aren’t aware, Koningsdag was until very recently known as Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day.

King’s Day (Koningsdag) is celebrated on April 27th (April 26th if the 27th is a Sunday), and marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. Prior to, Queen’s Day was celebrated on April 30th in celebration of Queen Beatrix.

Before then, the holiday was initially observed on August 31st, 1885 as Prinsessedag or Princess’s Day, the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina, heir to the Dutch throne. On her accession in November 1890 the holiday acquired the name Koninginnedag, first celebrated on August 31st, 1891. In September 1948, Wilhelmina’s daughter Juliana ascended to the throne and the holiday was moved to Queen Juliana’s birthday, 30 April. The holiday was celebrated on this date from 1949.?—?Wikipedia

Today, people wear orange, listen to music, have a great time, and party on the canals.

Photos from Amsterdam:

Schiphol Airport
Restaurant’t Zwaantje = Restaurant Swan
The most nostalgic Dutch food… FEBO!
Koningsdag Crew

Upon returning from Amsterdam, Funderbeam began a new Monday morning tradition which I’ve grown very fond of… cold water swimming. As you may know, I’ve been swimming in the Baltic Sea since February. Since then, I’ve been swimming around three days per week. As of May 9th, one of these days now includes my awesome teammates 🙂

In addition and fairly belated, Tallinn hosted a Prince tribute night at my favorite club, Lekker. Though, I’ve only been to one club in Tallinn. These two brothers, last name Madis, who own a record shop in Tallinn were the DJs and absolutely crushed it. Nailing all the major hits but also sprinkled in songs he wrote, and some other lesser know jams. It was really interesting to be so far away from home but feel so close to our backyard.

Not to mention there was also a screening of Purple Rain at the local independent movie theater!

There were also some regular types of activities such as: Eating at Burger Box, walking around Linnahall, and a couple 13km runs.

All in all, a really grand ole week.

Photos from being back in Tallinn:

FunderSwim?—?Photo Credit: Urmas
Kino Soprus
Waiting for Burger Box
St. Pauli F.C. in Tallinn

Sorry, I’m a bit off schedule. Work, traveling. and laziness have made me excuse saturated and execution exasperated. I’ll get back on it once my brothers and father visit this next week. BTW, we were in Helsinki recently and I’ll share that very soon.

Until then, I leave you with a speech from our Funderbeam event…