Also some new Estonian adventures

(I’m writing in retrospect)

So, my girlfriend Courtney has been back in the U.S. for over a month now and I knew she’d be back soon (because she started working at the Estonian design shop Bold Tuesday) but I didn’t think she had purchased her plane flight yet.

Oh boy, was I wrong. Apparently, she conspired with numerous individuals to keep me in the dark, only to manifest herself in Funderbeam’s HQ to greet me. Of course, not expecting her arrival I reacted as a deer may when faced with the headlights of a Toyota Tacoma T100.

However, despite my ghostly outward appearance I couldn’t have been more excited. Then to top it all off, Courtney brought me two of the best gifts I could have received secondary to her arrival: two bags of Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips.


Easy my most missed food item from Minneapolis, MN.

During the weekend Courtney returned, our friends Kirill and Maarja took us on a really swanky boat trip to Aegna Island.

I mean, it was a super nice boat. Damn, if €6 didn’t get you the finest things in Estonia.

We definitely didn’t ride on a tiny ship not suitable to leave a bath tub with a Captain bold enough to direct the oblong ship perpendicular to 4–8 foot waves. Nah, that wouldn’t have happened. Not in a million years. What a fabulous and wonderful boat ride we had to Aegna Island. It was a DREAM!

After a 20–30 cruise we docked our vessel on the bountiful shores of Aegna Island. There weren’t any cannibals or lords of flies but there was a crap load of snails, berries, mushrooms, and SOVIET TREASURE.

You can look at the photos below for most of what I mentioned… and a little more.

Soviet Treasure