Okay, lots going on so, I’ll get to the point and cover everything quickly…

  1. We’re working on new branding for SPAM F.C.! We’ve begun collaborating with fellow St. Louis Park alumni, Bryan Pieper on the overall brand and messaging. So far we’ve narrowed our concepts to the captioned four designs. Please feel free to take a look and let us know in the comments below or via Facebook / Twitter what you think.
  2. Last night (11/22/2015), I was elected to the Park Valley United’s board as their Director of Marketing. I want to personally thank Gage Dennison for encouraging me to continuously be involved with the program and take on this great opportunity. Stay tuned for new and amazing updates coming from the St. Louis Park and Golden Valley soccer communities. In the meantime, be sure to follow PVU on Facebook and be sure to register your child for Winter training or get a head start on securing your place for the upcoming Spring / Summer season.
  3. I wanted to formally announce SPAM F.C.’s promotion to Division 1 of the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League. We can’t wait to finally compete for the title of best amateur soccer team in the state of Minnesota. SOAPBOX WARNING: Also, as a side note. I won’t dive too deep into this but as there is a lot of conversation lately surrounding the inclusion of refugees across American borders I want to give a tip of the hat to Minnesota and our comparatively small Western Minneapolis community for being a leader in providing sanctuary to those who suffer unimaginable atrocities. Ignoring basic human rights would not only have depleted our local community of some incredible people but would totally dismantle my entire core group of friends. Different cultures, colors, creeds, religions, and perspectives on life make us more well rounded and understanding of the complex world in which we ALL live. Too often we are given short digestible blurbs about the nature of life so we can feel as though we have a firm grasp on what everything means. Fact is, we need to step up and help one another, regardless of their differences, in big or small ways, we should be there for each other. Ignore the differences, when it comes to life and death it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, American, Syrian, Muslim, Catholic, we all deserve peace. Personally, my thanks goes out to Rep. Betty McCollum, as the only Minnesota representative who backed the voting against the recent bill blocking Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. (Star Tribune Article). Latest update on the Fed and MN refugee status.