1. I have officially been promoted at Gage Marketing Group to “Senior Manager of Emerging Marketing“… I’m still not sure what this means besides the fact that I’m making significantly more guap.
  2. SPAM F.C. has become the 2014 Minnesota Amateur Soccer League Division 3 Champions!
  3. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy twice in 3Drizzle. It’s my favorite Marvel movie so far and will likely go see it a third time.
  4. Finn Fest #FinnFest2014 (This Weekend ONLY) – Go see Conga Se Menne!!!
  5. Irish Fair (This Weekend ONLY)
  6. Jade Buddha for Universal Peace (This Weekend ONLY)
  7. Mel’s BDay Weekend in Minnesota: Showboat and Forepaugh’s
  8. I signed up for Mozilla Webmaker. I’m pretty curious to see what I’ll be able to learn, create, and remix using their webmaker tools.
  9. Spotify’s “Awesome Mix Vol.1”. If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, I’ve embedded the playlist below.

                   This weekend, there is so much room for activities!



Balls to the wall! – Coach T

Balls to the wall!